In The Beginning or The Sorrow of A Season Ended…

Lets just skip the hi’s and hello’s and get straight to the point…my undying passion for baseball. Last night I like most die-hard baseball fanatics was sitting through the Yankees v. Tigers rain delay. I was watching the Baseball Tonight rain delay coverage with one of my favorite baseball personalities, Eric Byrnes of the Arizona Diamondbacks. When my roommate got home from work and after listening in for a few minutes expounded with, "How can you sit and watch them talk, its like watching talk radio." My answer was that I am a baseball nut and I love absorbing as much knowledge as I can and I am also a fan of opinions and cross fire discussion. I love to read books about baseball history. While I am only 23 years of age I have fanaticism with the ’40-’50s baseball era. If I could have picked another age to have grown up in I would have been a teenager in either Boston, New York or Chicago. Listening to games on the radio. Honestly there is no better way to be involved in a game than by radio. Radio broadcasters have to verbal painters. Scully, Allen, Caray, Barber, Buck, Brickhouse, the greats that gave passion to broadcasts that kept fans enchanted for hours.

My love of baseball was born in first grade in Georgia. 1991, the year the Braves run of Division titles began. I have rejoiced in the triumphs and cry in the defeats. I stayed up to see the amazing ’91 Game 7 battle between John Smoltz and Jack Morris. Those words by Jack Buck still cut deep,"The Twins are gonna win the World Series. The Twins have won it. Its a 1-0 10th inning victory." In 1992, the most improbable of endings. Francisco Cabrera, who only had 10 at-bats all year, comes through in the clutch. He singled in David Justice and Sid Bream. 1995, the crowning achievement finally winning it all and how better to have come through than Tom Glavine and David Justice. 1999, after vicious battles with the Mets all year including the 15 inning thriller the game before, Kenny Rogers walks Andruw Jones with the bases loaded to send the Braves to the World Series.

But like all good things they eventually must come to an end. The streaked ended this season. It was a good run. Congrats to the Mets on buying the Division, I guess the bridesmaids get married eventually. Well be back next years. The world will be made right again. Maybe this will light a fire under the butts of the guys who had never missed the playoffs. And under those spoiled Atlanta fans to finally come out and support the team again.

So e-mail me and post comments, I would love to have some baseball **** chat and heated debates and discussions with true baseball fans around the country. I will keep this updated with all my best ability. Until next this is Matt Vandy signing off.



  1. Jai

    I’m hearing a few people say they think the Braves will be right back in it next year. I’m not as convinced, because the pitching (in particular the young pitching) was not impressive this year. Granted, the Braves could always make some offseason moves, but right now I think next year the NL East will go to either the Mets or Phillies, provided Pat Gillick does a far better job this offseason than he did in his first one.

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